FABLE FRIDAY brushes are high performance boar bristles and nylon brushes that brings magic to the ordinary.

We believe that beautiful hair should be your everlasting story. 






Boar Bristle & Nylon






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Pure Boar Bristle






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The touch of the soft boar and nylon bristles feels like a luxurious head massage. A few seconds of this relaxing ritual prepares the hair and mind for the day ahead. 

The combination of the gentle massage that increases blood flow and the act of brushing that encourages hair follicles to become less clogged and thereby stimulating hair growth. 

A high-performance brush with boar and nylon bristles. A luxurious feel thought and even beautiful bespoke illustration and unexpectedly paired with a price to suit all budgets. 

The brush draws excess oil and dirt away from the hair. No need to wash hair as often when it’s clean and healthy looking for long. 

The boar and nylon bristles gently stimulate the scalp to distribute hair’s natural oils from roots to ends resulting in glossy looking hair that is not only soft but strong. Think of the Fabel Friday brush as your favorite conditioner. 

The hairbrush is built to last, just one brush should see you through your many hair-raisning adventures. It’s sturdy enough to be easily packed into bags and backpacks without having to worry about them. You easily use then brush when blow dryer your hair as well.  

Of course you can use it with a blow dryer. 

Retail price: 89DKK 142SEK 142 NOK 13,1EUR


Ideal for styling all lengths and from straight to soft waves with ease. You can use it with a blow dryer. Caring for hair with a luxury touch, the smooth non-slip handle provides ultimate control, giving comfort to the hand as well as the hair. Use daily to brush your way to a healthy condition and a glossy finish. 


Treat the scalp to a soothing massage with effortless strokes from the combination of top-quality bristles and a flexible cushion pad. There is no pulling and breakage is minimized – leaving you felling great and hair silky soft to the touch. 


Encourage a new healthy sparkle and put the bounce back hair. The magic is all in the gentle brushstrokes that work to distribute hair’s natural oils evenly and help to stimulate circulation. While the bristles are the secret to delivering salon-look hair at home. 


Tips & Styling

Remove the hair with a wide toothed comb (or your fingers), carefully so you don’t pull out any bristles.

Gently cleanse with a mild shampoo (or water), using a cloth to wipe.

Rinse only. Do not submerge brush. 

Squeeze excess water that may have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion.

Lay your brush on a towel with the bristles facing down to dry.