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About Us

The makeup library range encourages beauty addicts everywhere to be the author of their own collection. Be inspired to create a personalised selection of favourites that can be returned to and expanded upon in a way that supports a very individual makeup story. In the makeup library world, cosmetics can be collected, edited and curated according to different looks, and then more easily used to help express both personality and individual style.

While all the products, set in their library context, have a playful edge and are affordably priced so that you can realistically choose several key pieces to start your library, they are also produced to a first-class standard. Each one of the professional makeup products delivers benefits to the skin while helping to achieve the perfect base or adorn with beautiful shades, ultimately enhancing natural beauty and inspiring creativity. The makeup library packaging also draws from the idea of being both playful and professional with its smart yet quirky appearance, while the warm grey tone is both intriguingly inviting and soothingly calm the feeling you might get if you were stepping into a very cool library.

“ Shake Up Your Makeup.
Ready Steady Glow! ”

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